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City Ministries holistically impacts people in need, as it preaches the gospel, heals the sick*, and partners with others to do the same.

*”Heals the sick”: helps bring physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual healing to people.




We rescue, care for, disciple, and educate orphans & vulnerable children in our 7 CARE* centers. 

*Children At Risk Educational

We currently have 300+ children in our CARE centers. This means over 400,000 meals annually! Our aim is to equip our kids to be the future leaders and parents of Nigeria!


of Hope

Gidan Bege means "House of Hope". This is our urban outreach center, where we seek to reach people through medicine, sports, and more.

We house and care for widows, young moms, disabled people, persecuted Christians, and more. We provide over 100,000 meals and 8,000 free medical treatments annually.

reaching the unreached

We support Nigerian missionaries all across the country and equip them to reach others with the love of Christ.

Through well digging, discipleship, farming, medicine, film, sports,
short term teams, and more, we are able to reach thousands with the Gospel each year.
Preach the Gospel
  1. Evangelism 

  2. Discipleship

  3. Church Planting

  4. Church Renovation

  5. Church Construction  

  6. Indigenous Missions                                            

  7. Sponsorship of Indigenous missionaries

  8. Church partnerships: help to the blind, deaf, & disabled

  9. Partnership with EMS                                    

  10. Short term western missions + teams              

  11. Long term western missionaries                       

  12. Bible distribution

  13. Tracts & discipleship materials 

  14. Solar Powered MP3s for unreached people groups           

  15. Trainings (Evangelism/Discipleship/Other)     

  16. Medical outreach

  17. Sports outreach

  18. Film outreach

  19. Partner Film Teams

  20. Train converts to reach others with the Gospel

Heal the sick
  1. Free medical clinics & vaccinations

  2. Food programs

  3. Shelter for the destitute & needy

  4. Programs for the poor

  5. Schools

  6. Scholarships

  7. Vocational Training

  8. Literacy Training

  9. Advocacy for the oppressed

  10. Help to the blind, deaf, disabled

  11. Help to widows, VVF, abused woman

  12. Help IDPs (internally displaced people)

  13. Help to those ravaged by Boko Haram

  14. Help Orphans & Vulnerable Children

  15. Help to persecuted converts

  16. Community development

  17. Self-sustaining farming/animals/other

  18. Small business sponsorship

  19. Clean water projects

  20. Pro-life/Help to those pregnant


GSDM Global Missions 

3301 Michelson Dr. Unit 3622 

Irivne, CA 92612

GSDM Global Missions and mail:

3301 Michelson Dr. Unit 3622 

Irivne, CA 92612

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